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Jul 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. >>> caught on camera. a michigan woman who had to plead guilty to hiring a hit man to bump off her husband. now, the hit man actually was an undercover cop who recorded the whole thing. the thing was all set up after a coworker contacted police saying 21-year-old julia told him she wanted her husband axed. >> she wanted it to look like a break-in? somebody breaking in? >> we were talking about that, too. i might be able to get him outside. i have a girlfriend who wants to move in with me and i don't want her to be scared to move in with me if she thinks we got broken into and then jake got, you know. i'm kind of afraid of that because i want her to move in with me because i don't want to live by myself afterwards. >> you don't want it done in the house then? >> because it would be messy in the house. >> yeah. cold hearted. well, they did decide on a break-in as the cover-up. she showed an officer in fact the layout of the house, even had a picture of her husband and agreed to pay him $50,000 to get the job done. as you mig
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1